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About UpBeat Spiritual Living

To Rev. Kebba Buckley Button,  so many people seem unhappy, either in the moment, or for long periods.  Some even take a general stance of anger or bitterness toward life, God and people.  If unhappiness feels like a burden to you, and if becoming happy– and even joyful– through the Divine appeals to you, then this is the blog for you.

Rev. Kebba was raised by a churchgoing Episcopalian mother and a nonparticipating Presbyterian father.  She went to college, pursued a career in sciences, and studied many faiths.  In 1990, she left engineering to work in healing sciences full-time.  She ultimately was ordained in 2000 by a small organization much like the Unity Church.  Today, she continues her healing and teaching practice, and writes columns and books.  She teaches spiritual skills for freeing ourselves from negative emotions and experiences and living the upbeat, joyful life that God has intended for us.

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