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UpBeat Spiritual Living: Ways of the Mystic

July 31, 2012

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by Salvatore Vuono

I have recently been delving deeper in the Christian contemplative tradition.  That’s the Church’s tradition of various practices that help a person feel the Divine Presence, or to experience oneness with God.  For those who have experienced the nearness or even Union with the Divine, the experience is extraordinary. It is also often difficult to put into words.

The Episcopal and Catholic churches both offer classes in contemplative prayer, as well as groups that sit together silently, allowing the Divine Presence to be with them.  Some groups are using the centuries-old practice of In Lectio Divina, a process of contemplating a particular scripture silently, and allowing its meaning to infuse one’s being.  Adherents of these practices find they are getting relaxation, insight, and a deepening of their spiritual experience; they are experiencing the Divine extraordinary more.  Some are going to retreats to hear leaders in the contemplative tradition, such as Trappist monk Fr.Thomas Keating, Franciscan Fr. Richard Rohr, or former monk James Finley, Ph.D.

Very few sources are available that simplify the different mystical approaches to searching for the Divine Beloved.  If you are a reader, you may enjoy The Ways of the Mystic, by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.  Borysenko describes the pithy questions of the mystical experience and identifies seven paths a mystic might take.  She asks, “How can words convey the depth and sweetness of unconditional love, the soul’s joy in coming home to God, the stunning revelation that despite all your errors you are forgiven?  …How is it possible that you can think about anything and know instantly, at an infinite number of levels, its very essence?  How to convey the perception that everything is interconnected, crafted of an intelligent light that forms a seamless matrix from which all matter springs?”

Jesus said (John 14:2 KJV), “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”  How many rooms have you explored so far?  Whatever we “get”, we can “get” more deeply.  Explore more.  Experience more.  God is infinite. So can be your explorations.  You will increasingly literally feel The Love:  God’s boundless and unending love.


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