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UpBeat Spiritual Living: Thoughtfulness as Love

July 24, 2012

© 2012 Kebba Buckley Button.  World Rights Reserved

Love and caring take so many forms, that we often miss love and caring that are  coming our way.  All of us can figure out that someone loves us if they say so.  But we miss other signals and we miss opportunities to express our caring to others, in ways they can recognize.  Especially if you’ve been wanting to experience more love and caring, here are some tips to change that.  Notice when people are connecting with you, in however light and brief a way:

–          Someone smiles and says “hello!”  They find you interesting enough to connect.

–          Someone compliments you.

–          Someone offers you their newspaper as they are leaving the café.

–          Someone lets you know one of your tires is very low.

–          The class waits to start until you arrive several minutes late.

–          An acquaintance suggests you get together for coffee.

–          A committee member touches your arm as they go by.

People express love and caring in a half-dozen different “codes”—words, doing-for, gifting, spending time with, touching, and giving money.  Your thoughtfulness is love.  So here are some light ways for you to express caring and love.  Genuine gestures, only, please:

–          Smile happily and say “hello!’ in a friendly way.  Practice at church.

–          Compliment someone.  Remember, it’s “how great you look in that dress!”  Do not say, “what a great dress!”

–          Before you leave the café, ask the people at the next table if they would enjoy having your paper.

–          Let someone know their tire is low or their headlamp is out.

–          If someone drops something, pick it up for them, and smile happily.

–          If you are expecting a committee member who is usually on time, wait a few minutes for them to arrive before you start.

–          Think of someone from church or a class that you would like to know better, and ask them if they would like to possibly have coffee sometime.  If they say they are awfully busy, well, you tried.  If their voice brightens, schedule it.

–          Place your hand lightly on a friend’s back as you go by.

In John 13:34 (NIV), Jesus tells us we must love one another.  Be a part of that as you receive and share caring and love.  There is always more love to share.


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