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UpBeat Spiritual Living: Gifts and Choices, Part 2

September 9, 2010

© 2010 Kebba Buckley Button, M.S., O.M.  World Rights Reserved.

My friend Anna Weber is a business coach.  She loves to post pithy quotes in social media.  We got into an exchange one day, about taking responsibility.  Anna said, “There’s too much of a life of entitlement and ‘letting George do it!’ How DO we get others to understand the amazing positive results of personal accountability?”  I replied that I think this kind of realization comes only after the epiphany that something has to change, because a person is so unhappy or so not getting desired results. At that decision point, the world revolves on the difference between, “I wish this situation would change!” and “I wonder what I could do to get the situation to change?” In making that upshift, possibly personal accountability is born.

Dirk, the formerly (?) violent boyfriend, was at choice in the days when he drove a hot convertible and had a beautiful young woman on his arm.  He was at choice when he beat her and then her friend, Brad, who came to her defense.  Dirk was at choice when he came out of prison and at choice when he lied to Mrs. DeGroot about who he was.  How he lives now is based on his choices.  Free will is the biggest gift we have.  Dirk may have hired God as his Head Coach, but Dirk has to be the quarterback of his life’s game.

The cruel supervisor, trying to garner sympathy and support by the pretense of Christianity, was at choice.  The person who liberated my husband’s wallet was at choice.  The person who doesn’t vote in a Mensa election or a government election is at choice.  People who tear down others’ efforts are at choice.  People who mock others’ faith are at choice.  People who cheat on their time cards are at choice.  People who talk on cell phones in moving traffic are, you guessed it, choosing their behavior.

Nowhere is this argument more potent than in addiction recovery groups.  Friends who have been in AA for many years tell me that choice is the pivot point.  When a drinker realizes that only s/he can stop the drinking, from that moment forward, willpower can win over addiction.  When the choice for personal accountability has been made, the person chooses to make the best of her/his life going forward.  I know agribusiness consultants, auto business owners, authors, speakers, artists, counselors, and many others, who have bloomed and prospered after choosing to win over addiction.

What would you like to make of your life?  What stories do you tell about why you are not choosing steps necessary for success, relationship, joy, health, adventure?  Why not privately write out those stories, and take a fresh look at them?  Is it time to exercise your gift of choice, and change?

God has plans for you, for you to reach your highest potential, if you choose to go with Him.  Choose God as your Head Coach, and be the quarterback of your best life.  Why not start now?


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  1. September 9, 2010 9:25 PM


    Thanks for continuing our “conversation!” You are so right about being “in choice.” I like that concept. You also use another word that has been pushing at my mind a lot lately… pivotal! I tend to believe that each of us has that pivotal moment when we finally know -without a doubt – that we have made a strong, definitive commitment to making some significant change in our lives. It is at that moment that our lives do, indeed, begin a process of positive transformation, and will only do so subsequent to that pivotal moment. Thoughts?

    MUCH happiness in your day, my friend! A

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