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UpBeat Spiritual Living: Divine Order

July 21, 2010

Today, I’m appreciating another example of the perfection of Divine Order.  With other Board members, I’ve been making special arrangements for an HOA meeting, because the clubhouse A/C died days ago.  In Phoenix, we do not have meetings without air conditioning.  It will be 109 degrees or higher today.  Arrangements were made for us to borrow a room at the Chinese Cultural Center, at no cost.  We just had to get the people there, which meant calls and notices.  It was my job to do the notices with directions.  My husband and I drove to the CCC last night to understand the exact location of the room, so I could write clear, brief directions.

At the same time, our landline phone went dead yesterday, and it turned out that the landscapers had cut the line while trimming hedges… because the line was lying on the ground two feet from the building!  Why was it there after 6 years?  I’m holding Cox Communications responsible.  They have responded to my concerns and have been burying and tucking cables today.  That coordination took some time, and I was “late”  getting the alternate-meeting-location notices up for the HOA. They were still not up at noon.

However, after several chapters, the A/C repairs were actually completed today, so we don’t have to move the meeting.   I got that call around noon.   So I saved the time and didn’t make the notices!  Instead, I phoned all the people who were planning to go to the CCC for our meeting, and let them know it’s on at our cool Clubhouse.  So all is in perfect, Divine Order.   Once again, things that appeared to be problems worked together in a pattern that we could only see later.  How many times do we whine over “disadvantages”, delays and hassles, only to find these have changed something that is now in our favor?

God is good!

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