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UpBeat Spiritual Living: Mosque at Ground Zero?

July 18, 2010

Who would think, that of all places that Islamists would like a mosque, they would propose a site just a few buildings from 9/11 Ground Zero?  And they propose to open it on 9/11’s tenth anniversary?  Here is a terrific summary of the proposal and what it means:  Kudos to Pat Cardell, a Brit, for his informed, sensible, articulate piece!  He takes more information than I have had, and he offers a pattern that should spur us all to action.  Let’s write the NYC Mayor and the NY Times and any other major players in this decision-making.  We must not let our passion for kindness nurture the quiet (for now) invasion of our country by those who hate us.  Estimates are that in 20 years, there will be enough Islamists in this country to elect an Islamist President.  Where will you live in 20 years?

And remember:  pray for our leaders, our soldiers, our first-responders, and the USA, every day!


Father, we love you so much.  We are so grateful for all the good we enjoy and for the wide-ranging freedoms we enjoy.  We are so grateful for wise leadership and brave military personnel, who defend our freedoms from sometimes far-flung locations.  Father, please bless the leaders, the soldiers, and the first-responders (police, firemen, doctors & nurses) as they hold the fabric of society together.  Father, please keep your Hand of Grace on all of us, as we make those decisions daily, about when to speak up and try to affect national matters.  Help us to be appropriately brave and also effective in our choice of actions.  In Jesus’ Name we pray.  Amen.

Please leave comments for Rev. Kebba Buckley Button here.  Thank you!

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