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UpBeat Spiritual Living: My Loss or God’s Hand?

April 16, 2010

Several weeks ago, my husband and I went into the neighborhood pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  We thought, while we were there, we should probably pick up a pack of new heads for his electric toothbrush.  We had been putting off getting the new heads, due to budget priorities.  We found the new heads cost $34, and we had not brought enough cash for the prescription and the toothbrush heads.  So, feeling a bit bad, sad, and sorry for ourselves, we chose not to buy the toothbrush heads at that time.  I actually felt embarrassed that we “couldn’t afford” to buy them then.  I felt I was being stopped by a wall, the wall of Not Enough Money.  This story would at this point seem to be about budgeting, will power, and carefully putting off desired expenditures until we could afford them.

However, yesterday, the electric toothbrush completely died.  Ron realized it had lived for over 20 years.  Even Ron could not repair it.  We felt sad, then grateful when we calculated that the toothbrush had cost less than $2 per year, far less than replacing regular toothbrushes once or twice a year.  Then we realized, if we had purchased the replacement heads at $34, and opened that package, the expenditure would have been wasted.  But who is smarter, us or God?  Who has the bigger picture?  God worked things out so we didn’t waste that money on equipment we would not need in another day or two.  So this story, in larger brackets, is really about God’s loving grace.  The next time I feel I’m up against some wall, I hope I’ll remember to wonder:  did God put that wall up, for my own good and out of His grace?

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  1. john permalink
    April 19, 2010 10:52 PM

    but why wonder? an intellectual adventure? or to answer that age old question is it odd or is it God? it IS God, & let it go at that – say a prayer of “thank you, i’m glad you’re there for me.” & sometimes add “thanks for reminding me.” the reason i need that reminder is that i lose myself occasionally & i want to be in control – my ego-side wants to take back control – i slip & let it… but it is an illusion, my being in control. oh, yes, there are things we have control over – the real control lies in the decision, the choice, we make. the other misunderstanding is that there is no such a thing as a loss once you begin even so slightly to enter a spiritual existence. all IS gain. then i came to understand – we are all spiritual beings on a human journey, not human beings on a spiritual journey. ALL is gain.
    & it is those little reminders that pull me back to celebrating a spiritual existence.

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