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UpBeat Spiritual Living: Prayer and Distance Healing 1

June 1, 2009

© 2009 Kebba Buckley Button, World Rights Reserved.

Recently, I was asked to lead a multicountry group on focusing healing prayer and meditation for a seriously ill colleague.  You can use this kind of prayer to help anyone who is ill or suffering.  If you are unfamiliar with distance healing/prayer/meditation, you may want to edit the following for your situation, then read it over and over, gathering your own thoughts and feelings, and listening to the Divine inspiration (“breathing in”) that comes to you. A short method is to vividly picture the person you are praying for, until you feel the quality you want for the healee, until you feel your own joy at this positive reality. It is always positive to hold kind thoughts for someone in need, and if you are a visual person, to vividly picture them well, with all their needs abundantly fulfilled. Then smile and give thanks.  Following is a session for someone with the diagnosis of stroke.

“Loved ones, as we gather today, we know and feel the immediacy of our colleague, (Name), who has the diagnosis of stroke and the appearance of weakness and impairment of (her) right side. Medically, a clot backed up blood flow in a vein, causing a blowout and blood flowing in areas where it would not help. Accordingly, the blood did not get to places where it should have been doing its Divine work, delivering oxygen to the cells or picking up carbon dioxide, depending on which side of the lungs (toward or away from) the blood was circulating. Medically, the oxygen deprivation caused damage to the brain. New cells come in regularly, cycling, in days, weeks, or months. However, we know that our God is without limits in physical “reality”. God is in all 70 trillion of (Name)’s cells. God is in the red blood cells, the clotting enzymes, the mitochondria and in the DNA itself. The Divine operates in the biggest perspective, working on World peace and order, and He/She/It works within the universe of our physical bodies, attending to the tiniest structures and functions. Our God can do anything, and “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” We need only ask. “Ask, and the Door shall be opened to you. Seek, and ye shall find.” What we want now is to see (name)’s complete recovery to the able and sharp-minded, fluent and joyful (woman) that (she) was before the stroke adventure. We are open to (her) complete and absolute healing, with no need or function for further unhealthy clot events or veinous system failures.’

“Father, limitless God of all realities and Universes; Living, Loving, Spirit of all Life, we ask your full blessing on (name) and (her) health. We ask that you keep your hand of Grace on (her), clearing every blockage and strengthening every blood vessel, radiantly revitalizing (her) brain and bringing back the full function of every neuron. We ask that you fill (her) with optimism and the sure belief that (she) will indeed heal. We ask that you fill (her) doctors and other caregivers with your Love and Grace, so that they make all the perfect decisions for expertly assisting  (Name) in (her) unreasonable speedy full recovery.  With great thanks for these blessings, in Jesus’ precious name we pray.  Amen!”


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